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Back to school

I consider the first week back to school the week of madness! Getting the kids back in to a proper routine, early wake up calls and helping them have a smooth transition back into school is so overwhelming.  How did you and your kids handle it ?

Of course part of our yearly tradition is taking a first day photos. This year instagram was over populated with proud mommies and daddies showing off their little ones going to school. I decided to do something different and I asked my kids what they wanted to be when they grow up ? I wrote them down on a piece of paper and had them take a picture with it. I think I’m going to keep doing this every year.


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My little boy <3

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I asked Fizzle if he would like to ride a horse, he said: No, I want to ride a cow! :/ LOL!! I thought his cow phase was over, I guess it’s not!

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Tidbits from our Eid holiday

We decided not to travel this Eid and head to Wafra instead. It was a great week filled with some old fashioned fun, yummylicious food and great weather. It got really cold at night but starting a fire always does the trick in keeping everyone warm and cozy. The kids had a fabulous time, running outside from sunrise to sunset and never getting tired of it. Bikes, scooters, hide and seek, bouncy castles, arts & crafts, you name it, they played it 😉

Here are some shots taken during the week.

It was the perfect break! Hope you all had a fabulous holiday as well.



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I’m a proud mother of boys :)

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I want this room for my boys!

My boys would have a blast in this room.

images via Perianth


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First riding lesson at KRC

Nodi started his first riding lesson yesterday. He was so excited that he prepared everything he needed 2 days before  his lesson *cute* . The class is 30 minutes which I think is perfect for his age. Throughout the lessons he will learn how to handle the horse, take directions from the trainer and gain confidence. The place is amazing, clean and has a nice calming atmosphere. I’m actually thinking of taking some classes myself.

Here are some snapshots of KRC.

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