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Autism Awareness Month

In celebration of April being Autism Awareness Month, ABC of Kuwait is hosting a free public seminar this coming Monday, 8thApril, from 5.30 to 9.00pm at GUST University.


Autism Awareness Month Open Evening


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First Aid for Children’s الإسعافات الأولية للأطفال

Royal Hayat Hospital Held a first aid course for children last month, the Presentation was held by Dr. Nesrin El Khatib.
محاضرة عن الإسعافات الأولية للأطفال تلقيها الدكتورة نسرين الخطيب في مستشفى رويال حياة

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عشرة كلمات تدمر الطفل للدكتور جاسم المطوع


عشرة كلمات تدمر الطفل للدكتور جاسم المطوع. هو سؤال وجهه الاعلامي المتألق تركي الدخيل حين استضاف الدكتور جاسم المطوع في برنامجه إضاءات.
وهي كلمات يجب تجنب قولها للطفل لأنها تدمر الطفل وتغير من شخصيته.
الدكتور جاسم المطوع خبير في العلاقات الزوجية والأسرية وهو مدير قناة اقرأ الفضائية


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Film & Discussion night at BirthKuwait

Mark  your calendars!

First ever BirthKuwait Film & Discussion Night ~ Bringing the worlds best documentaries about birth, babies, and parenting to Kuwait!

What Babies Want is an award winning documentary film that explores the profoundly important and sacred opportunity we have in bringing children into the world.

Come learn about your baby in an entertaining and engaging film designed to enlighten parents about the amazing unconsciousness of their new infant.

When:  Sunday October 21st, 7:30pm. 

Location: BirthKuwait, Mishref, Block 4, Street 4, House 4, Basement


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New blog on the block: Q8Mommas

 We are 2 extremely busy mommas that know what it is like to be a full time mom and work full time as well!  As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Looking around the blogosphere there are many intelligent mommy bloggers that we admire and respect, and because of them we decided we want to take part in sharing our experiences and knowledge.  We will discuss many vast issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum depression (yes it exists!), Pediatricians, nanny issues, schools, “the Guilt” that comes with being a mommy, and so much more.  We hope you enjoy reading our blog and continue to do so!

We are so happy to see more and more parenting blogs appear in Kuwait. Wishing them the best of luck! :))

Check out their blog  and don’t forget to follow them on twitter as well.

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Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

A very interesting talk about how to raise an entrepreneur. I highly recommend you watch it.

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Baby Sleep Positions

I think every parent has been through nights like this! LOL!

*Loved the titles

images via howtobeadad


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